The Purple Ribbon School Library Journal review

Spring, a field mouse, has adventures while growing up with GranDora, who gives her the purple ribbon that has been passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Then one day, far from home when a storm comes up, Spring takes shelter in an old car, makes a nest, and has four babies including a runt she names Jellybean. The wee family survives a cat attack and several trips in the car when its owner takes it out. Finally Spring and her family are reunited with GranDora and, though the purple ribbon is a bit worse for wear, it is still a treasured heirloom. Alter has provided proper little dresses for the female mice and tiny shirts for the children. Cozy illustrations done in a soft palette alternate with sepia-toned sketches to support the text. Twelve tidy chapters reward young readers with a bit of substance and yet a minimum of trauma.

—School Library Journal