The Purple Ribbon Booklist review

Field mouse Spring, who is rearing her babies on her own, dreams of returning to live with Gran Dora, who brought her up. She knows that until her babies are older, she must stay with them in their nest in an old car, but as a link to home, she always wears the purple ribbon that Gran gave her, a beloved heirloom and comfort. Although their home seems quiet and cozy, life there proves unexpectedly eventful. There's a prying cat, a bouncy car ride, and a scary moment when Spring and her babies are separated before the family is, at last, happily united with Gran Dora. In sparkling, prose, Moranville creates endearing mouse characters who weather life's ups and downs to find joy and solace in one another. From full-page to spot art, Alter's softly rendered illustrations—in watercolor, pen and ink, and colored pencil—are as charming as the story itself. A delightful tale that illuminates the importance of family.